Stirling University Dementia Centre

At the beginning of the year myself and some colleagues visited the dementia centre at the Iris Murdoch  Building at Stirling University ( I took some photo’s of some of the equipment and dementia friendly building design they had on display.





Constrasting toilet seat







Making the weighted blanket

I have a patient in the Day Hospital with ADHD, and when she first arrived she was bouncing all over the place. After her Sensory Integration assessment showed she had some sensory integration problems, we decided to use a weighted blanket. The blanket in the day hospital was too big to be easily transported [...]

OT Room Signage

To help orientate patients to my room and make them more independent doing activites, I’ve made signs for all my cupboards.

Patient Feedback

I was given this by one of the patients at the Garden Project, made me feel great about myself and OT skills.

Health and Safety Poster

The guys at the garden project had a refresher on Garden safety and made this beautiful poster, now on display in our work cabin.


Presentation on Experiences in First Post - SSPLDCOT Conference 23 Sept

I was asked to give a presentation at this years COT Specialist Section for OT’s working with Adults with Learning Disabilities, on my experiences in my first post. Slides below..



New Struan Autism School

Last week I visited the New Struan Autism School in Alloa, to look at the design elements of the building and how this helps autistic pupils work within the space and manage more challenging parts of their behaviour. I took photo’s as I went so see below…

Main ‘street’ of the school. The school [...]

Job update

After previous post, I worked for 6 months as a day centre officer for an Adult Resource Centre, and then secured my first OT post within learning disabilities, and started on 10th Feb 2009, almost a year ago.

A hard weekends work, and the VQ assessment

I have had a nightmare weekend at work, starting on Friday with the day that just had too much in it, and I was running after clients left right and centre, and not getting much actual work done. And ending with a very frustrating day with a lady who doesn’t talk much, in fact [...]

New Job

A couple of weeks ago I started a job with a charity that provides support for adults with learning difficulties. I’ve never worked in that environment before so it is really challenging, however I think I’m going to really enjoy it.