This year was very busy and very quick, but finally I’m finished… Now all I need is a job.

Arse, got too busy to post


Just coming to the end of my second summer placement in Parkinson’s disease, and noticed I’ve not posted for months. Very sorry, I will get my act together soon… hopefully. I can’t wait for a holiday.

First Summer Placement, Weeks One and Two

I can’t believe that I am now in my third week of placement, the whole thing is only 7 weeks long and I’ll be coming home soon.

However, its going really well, I am in a Community Mental Health Team that looks after over 65′s in Glasgow. It is completely different from the hospital [...]

Finally…. Essay Finished

So, writing my essay took much longer than I thought due to all the other things that have been going on in my life recently (weddings, family stuff, etc). However, after getting an extension I handed it last Friday.

General thoughts… It is much better referenced than my last essay, my references went from [...]

Viva sucess….. hopefully

Just had my viva this morning, I think it has been a success (or at least more successful than my last one) for the following reasons…

I opened my mouth and talked I made up little handout sheets and gave them to my assessors They smiled at me in an ‘I’m impressed way’ rather [...]

Placment week 11

Humm, really struggling to get a good flow of work and responsibility. I’ve now talked to patients, even begun¬† to assess them and do some intervention with them. However, every week I feel as if I’m starting from scratch again. Not too sure why, its partly because the patients have changed,¬† partly because I’m [...]

Motivation Needed

I need to start my essay….. where is my motivation….?

Placement Week 8? 9?

I’m losing track of which week I am in with my placement. Time seems to be really marching on. So what have I been up to….

I spent the day with the Stroke Nurse. This was really really interesting, and to a certain extent I thought what she did was really OT-ish. Chest Heart [...]

Third Placement Info: Eldery Admissions

So I can be grateful that this placement will at least be in the same city in which I live, but it doesn’t sound sexy does it?

However, it might surprise me, and after all the majority of all healthcare provision is with people over the age of 60, so it will probably give [...]

Second Placement Info: Mental Health

So, last night I finally sat down and wrote a wee intro letter to my second placement, and double checked arrangements like accommodation etc. I’m slowly reconciling myself to the idea that I didn’t get the placement that I wanted, it would have been great to get a placement near my mum’s house, no [...]