Making the weighted blanket

I have a patient in the Day Hospital with ADHD, and when she first arrived she was bouncing all over the place. After her Sensory Integration assessment showed she had some sensory integration problems, we decided to use a weighted blanket. The blanket in the day hospital was too big to be easily transported so I decided to make a lap blanket. The results were fanastic, rather than sitting for just 10 mins her keyworker nurse reported her sitting for upto 45mins.

I took photo’s as I made the blanket, if you are interested they are below. I made the blanket in two parts, a water proof weighted insert, and a washable more attractive cover.



This is the weighted insert for the centre of the blanket




I used barley to weight my blanket, but any pulse will do




To stop the barley moving I seal them in small sections




The finished weighted insert for the blanket




To make my cover I used a high school musical cushion, and pink fabric




All the pieces ready to make my blanket




Sowing on the pocket for keeping fidgets in




tacking all the layers of the cover together




Turned the right side out, its almost finished only one raw edge to sow...


Doh! Totally forgot to take a picture of the finished blanket, so you’ll just has to believe me when I say it looked wonderful. My patient loves it.

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  • Sylvia

    This looks like a fantastic alternative to all those extremely expensive weighted blankets out there!
    I too, am an OT and geographically not so far away either! More pertinent however is the fact that I have 4 beautiful daughters. my second born diagnosed with ASD (high functioning) and severe sensory integration dysfunction, amongst a multitude of other medical conditions/complications and behavioural challenges. My eldest and my 3rd born have very definite sensory integration dysfunction and I fear the youngest may be looking like this too. So you can imagine the amount of noise, flapping, squirming and spinning/swinging that goes on in my house! The girls are aged 8,(nearly)7,4 and 21 months. We already recognise the benefits of weight for our child with confirmed ASD who frequently puts teddies, large cushions and even chairs,the pram etc on top of her which has a calming response during a melt down. We feel the girls would benefit from weighted blankets, especially the eldest 3 and would welcome any advice or information you can offer on making these in light of the fact we cant afford to buy 4!! Would benefit from sleep blankets as well as lap style as sleep deprivation is a big issue, despite melatonin. I am proud of the sensory room we have in place at home already and this would add to it. Thanks.

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