First Summer Placement, Weeks One and Two

I can’t believe that I am now in my third week of placement, the whole thing is only 7 weeks long and I’ll be coming home soon.

However, its going really well, I am in a Community Mental Health Team that looks after over 65′s in Glasgow. It is completely different from the hospital setting that I was in before, and I think I like it more since it is seems more relevant and real, and the changes and interventions you make seem to make an real difference (or at least you see the impact of your interventions, unlike the hospital where you don’t have enough time to see the long term effect).

The OT’s in the team also seem to be a little bit more OT theory driven, although they are still not using standardised assessments or models in the way in which we are encouraged at college. Which surprised me as I had heard that mental health was much more influenced by models like MOHO. Anyway it is a real change from the hospital which was driven from a very medical/physical/functional perspective.

I’m really interested in group work, which I have been involved with since the start of this placement and I’m leading one tomorrow! However, still trying to work out, what the evidence for group work is, i.e. is it a nice fun quiz that fills an afternoon, or is it a treatment or therapy session and how? I’ll need to do some reading and find out.

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