Finally…. Essay Finished

So, writing my essay took much longer than I thought due to all the other things that have been going on in my life recently (weddings, family stuff, etc). However, after getting an extension I handed it last Friday.

General thoughts… It is much better referenced than my last essay, my references went from 2 pages to 9 pages. I think the argument might be slightly better, but I could have made it stronger if I had more time to think about it. Overall, I think it is probably about the same as my Christmas essay (75%)I will be happy, I’ll be disappointed if I can’t meet it because I definitely think its of a higher standard.

Points to remember for future essays… start writing earlier… make sure all your reading is done early and that you have a good system for referencing them. Must try to be more critical of other people’s arguments (I find this very hard).

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