Placment week 11

Humm, really struggling to get a good flow of work and responsibility. I’ve now talked to patients, even begun¬† to assess them and do some intervention with them. However, every week I feel as if I’m starting from scratch again. Not too sure why, its partly because the patients have changed,¬† partly because I’m not around all the time so interesting cases come and go while I’m away, partly because I think they only think of me on the days I’m in and they are not planning in advance. Any way I was slightly disheartened when I left today.

However, looking on the bright side of things, I think I have now chosen a case study. Last week I did two dressing practice sessions by myself, and two little assessments, and today I also did an assessment by myself. I am slowly beginning to feel more confident at doing them. I am keen to start an assessment by myself, and hopefully I might get a chance to do this this week.

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