Placement Week 8? 9?

I’m losing track of which week I am in with my placement. Time seems to be really marching on. So what have I been up to….

I spent the day with the Stroke Nurse. This was really really interesting, and to a certain extent I thought what she did was really OT-ish. Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland employ nurses to follow up on patients discharged from hospital who have a stroke. The nurse goes out about a month after the patient has returned home and gives them advice and support about how to return to their previous activities, how to manage their health, and how to prevent further strokes. It is a really good service and she spends about an hour with each patient and follows them up for upto a year after discharge.

I also spent a day in the combined assessment unit, which is reportedly the busy part of the hospital, where the OT is quick and dynamic. However I seemed to have chosen a day where there were no new patients at all. It was regardless of the slowness a really good day, a completely different area from my stroke ward.

What else, I spent a day with the physio’s, which confirmed that I don’t want to be a physio and I definitely want to be an OT (or in the light of recent experience a stroke nurse). I also had my halfway report, which was just fine, much work still to do. Alas.

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