Placement Weeks: 5 & 6

Life got busy, I’ve forgotten to write about placement, so here goes….

Week 5 This was a much better week than the past couple as  I had a good chance to sit down with my practice educator and discuss what I needed to do and start making plans for achieving them. The planning session made me feel quite empowered and I felt more purposeful now that I know what I’m doing and that I have a role that is more than just watching what is happening. I also got to practice my first assessment.

Week 6 This I was out and about this week visiting Community Rehab and working with the community care assistant.  The community rehab was interesting, we seemed to work with a few patients but in a lot of depth, and really saw changes happening in peoples lives. It was a big change from the hospital since I got to see people in their own setting, and the patients seemed much more confident.  I talked to them about waiting lists and how easy it was to refer clients to the service, this seems to be the biggest problem as referal seems easy from the rehab hospitals rather than acute settings.

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