Placement Week 4

This week I had a visit to the respiratory ward to work¬† with their OT’s.

It was very different to my usual ward, for some reason patients didn’t seem as ill, probably because they weren’t physically disabled and could hold a conversation. And the OT was very different, while on the stroke unit we would be looking at personal ADL’s and that would take the form of our main assessment, these OT’s did a lot more talking with their patients. Out of the whole day on the ward I only saw one kitchen practice and no dressing assessments. And two of the ladies we saw were discharged that day.

Thinking of assessments I saw that in the respiratory ward an Ocairs type of assessment would be a really useful tool, while I’m currently thinking that a MOHOST assessment might be more useful for the stroke unit.
Staff dynamics wise, the respiratory OT’s seemed to have much more of a team like relationship with the Physio’s and the nurses than on my ward. This I think was helped by the fact that the physio and the OT together did a handover with nurses in the morning, and that at lunch time the Physio’s and the OT’s ate together. Whether this meant they had a better closer working relationship than the OT’s and physio’s on my ward is hard to tell.

Best thing about the visit, was that the OT I was shadowing let me do things, nothing big just filling in forms and talking with patients but it made me feel really useful and part of her team.

Back on the stroke ward I had a talk from one of our OT’s about cognative and perceptual problems in stroke. Really interesting but I was trying to recall it a day later and failed, I was a bit anoyed with myself and am beginning to feel that I should be learning more of this¬† physiology stuff to impress my educator. However, need a way that is better than reading books because the books don’t seem to be working.

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