Placement Week 3

My placement supervisor was back from holiday so this week  felt slightly more purposeful than the last.

I spent  a couple of really interesting sessions with  my supervisor  watching her do initial assessments on patients. It was really fascinating and I really enjoyed  watching her and observing how she interacted with the patients and what she paid close attention to. It really made me think that I have a lot to learn, there seems to be so much that the OT is looking out for and the stroke patients we are working with have really diverse medical problems which means the OT has so much more to consider when planning ADL’s.

I spent an afternoon going through the Rivermead Perception Battery with another Basic grade OT, which was really good fun, but by the end of it my mind was spinning. Which made me consider whether it might be too much for some of our patients. Some of the tests in the battery also seemed to be a bit childish to me, and I wondered if it might make patients feel slightly patronised. I talked to one of the other OT’s about this who had recently carried out the Battery on one of the patients, she said that the patient had really enjoyed it, partly because he wanted to better understand his visual problems, and partly because most of the time he is stuck in the bed with not too much to do so he enjoyed the attention.

The rest of my placement time was taken up by shadowing other OT’s on washing and dressing practice, so I learnt a little  bit more about stroke dressing techniques, and the daily ins and outs of acute physical hospital OT.

I took a book out of the library about writing SOAP notes, I found it slightly helpful, but I’m generally struggling at the moment to work out what I think about the note keeping method, and the best way for OT to communicate to other MD team members.

Also this week I decided that I really didn’t like the placement handbook and notes regarding learning agreements, portfolio’s and assessments. There is too much information, so much that it is almost impossible to find the details you need, and it is written in a slightly ambiguous way so that you are not quite sure what you need to do. I’m sure the students would benefit from a one page summary of what is actually needed by way of assessment. I suspect that the handbook reflects its creator.

Waiting to see where my next placement is, hopefully will find out this week.

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