Placement Weeks: 5 & 6

Life got busy, I’ve forgotten to write about placement, so here goes….

Week 5 This was a much better week than the past couple as  I had a good chance to sit down with my practice educator and discuss what I needed to do and start making plans for achieving them. The planning session [...]

Placement Week 4

This week I had a visit to the respiratory ward to work  with their OT’s.

It was very different to my usual ward, for some reason patients didn’t seem as ill, probably because they weren’t physically disabled and could hold a conversation. And the OT was very different, while on the stroke unit we [...]

Placement Week 3

My placement supervisor was back from holiday so this week  felt slightly more purposeful than the last.

I spent  a couple of really interesting sessions with  my supervisor  watching her do initial assessments on patients. It was really fascinating and I really enjoyed  watching her and observing how she interacted with the patients and [...]