No show from lecturer: interesting reactions

Our lecturer has put her back out so didn’t turn up to class today. The head of the school met us and gave us the handouts for the lecture and told us to read them and do our own research. The mood of the class plummeted, they were really angry that they would have to read around the topic themselves and wouldn’t be receiving any direct teaching on today’s subjects, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and osteoarthritis. Admittedly big subjects to cover in one day.

My feelings were that the lecture couldn’t help being ill, and I was quite happy to go to the library and do some independent study on the subjects. After all I’m sure there will be a chance to have a catch up question and answer session with the lecture, and at the end of the day we are not becoming nurses or doctors but OT’s. In my mind its more important to know about how to help someone with their occupations than it is to know the full details of their disease. Everyone’s anger, just seemed to be taking up a lot of time and effort and succeeding in doing nothing more than making them more pissed off. I don’t understand.
I remembered what one of our lecturers said last week, about responsibility for learning. It is my responsibility to get the most from the course, and therefore if I want to know something or achieve something I should use my drive and determination to get it. Oh well, I had quite a good day in the library, shame there weren’t many off us.

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