Marks for Social Policy and Sociology

So today I got the marks for my presentation and assessment at the end of last term for the Social Policy and Sociology module. I was reasonably apprehensive after earlier upset over thinking I’d done well and then only just passing, so was nervous when I went to get them. However I got 72%, which was really good, better than the 52% for my viva, all I need to hope for now is a 62% in my OT 1 essay and my OCAIRS interview essay and I will be a happy lady. I got some really positive remarks and comments from the assessors plus some feedback about where I could have done better.

The rest of the class were quiet about there results so not sure how I compare. I will find out next week when I get back to college.

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  • Dave H

    Hey Rachel,

    Glad to hear you did so well in your assessment from last term ‘cos I know you were worried about it. Well done you!!

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