Back to college

Being back at college is almost like I have never been away despite the month I’ve had on holiday, but at the same time it feels like ages ago that I was panicking over essays and assessments.

Talking of assessments, the more this term progresses the more I am convinced that I have failed my main OT1 essay or at least just scraped by. People keep on mentioning things or I keep on thinking of things and I think arse I should have put that in my essay. This is all made worse by the fact that the most critical teacher we have is marking the essays, and I know that she is a fan of one type of conceptual OT model and that I very badly argued that it was too complicated. She has already told the class that she doesn’t think the essays are critical enough, that the content is more story than argument and that none of us referred to the case study enough. All of which makes me think even more that I’ve only just scraped by, especially considering I almost failed my viva.

The assessment topic which we are looking at this semester seems to be really interesting, and I think I’m really going to enjoy it and benefit from it dovetailing with my practice placement. In class I’m constantly trying to think about how certain assessments might work on placement and why my practice educators do or do not use them.

The class as a whole is much less stressed than last term, everyone is more relaxed about the teaching style and what is expected from us. Although already certain members of the class look bored or tired. Remembering my reflective practice, I should work out why them looking bored bugs me and learn to deal with it. I guess I’m annoyed because I don’t understand why they have paid to go on a course which they don’t seem interested in or agree with the basic principles. Plus it annoys me that just because they are bored and want to go home that they don’t participate in class discussion work, and that that has a negative impact on the learning of others.

I stayed in the library until gone seven o’clock this evening, I was reading up on assessments, and rather sadly I just got caught up in the whole thing and thought I’d finish it will I had the books in front of me. Hopefully I can keep with motivation up, and get a lot more reading done before I have to worry about the essay.

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