A hard weekends work, and the VQ assessment

I have had a nightmare weekend at work, starting on Friday with the day that just had too much in it, and I was running after clients left right and centre, and not getting much actual work done. And ending with a very frustrating day with a lady who doesn’t talk much, in fact she doesn’t really talk at all.

I took her to the Zoo, which I thought would engage her and give me something to talk about, however, once the rain started it was a bit of a hopeless case and after lunch and a wee walk we gave up and arrived back at her house 2 and a half hours early! We watched a DVD for a while but she didn’t really seem interested in it, eventually her dinner was ready and I left feeling very frustrated. How do I engage with, entertain and interact with someone who can’t talk, or clearly communicate her feelings?

I guess if I worked with her all the time, you would pick up what she found interesting, and be able to tailor activities to her needs. However, at most I only work with her once a week, probably more like once a month. I asked the staff when I arrived yesterday if they had any ideas, they didn’t seem too, and out of the ideas I had only one seemed passable and that was the Zoo.

I was very excited today when I discovered that one of the MOHO assessments looked at the motivation and interested of people who were unable to communicate, the VQ. The idea of an observational questionnaire that would help me understand this client was so appealing that I decided to stay late and read the users manual. Only to discover that is isn’t really going to be relevant, or appropriate for me to administer in the environment I engage with this client in. So altogether I’m a bit stumped with how to progress, and I’m very glad I’m not supporting her next week.

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