Semester One: Results

So waiting over, here are my results:

Professional Skills:    60%

Sociology and Social Policy:    72%

Occupational Therapy 1:     Essay    75%,  Viva 52%

I’m pleased

Placement Week 2

So, this week my educational supervisor was on holiday so I was left alone with the other members of staff. Whether I was just a little bit more used to the ward and the routine of the OT environment, or whether it was because my supervisor was away, this week went slowly, and I [...]

No show from lecturer: interesting reactions

Our lecturer has put her back out so didn’t turn up to class today. The head of the school met us and gave us the handouts for the lecture and told us to read them and do our own research. The mood of the class plummeted, they were really angry that they would have [...]

Marks for Social Policy and Sociology

So today I got the marks for my presentation and assessment at the end of last term for the Social Policy and Sociology module. I was reasonably apprehensive after earlier upset over thinking I’d done well and then only just passing, so was nervous when I went to get them. However I got 72%, [...]

Thoughts from todays lectures and reading

Apologies for the dullness of this entry for anyone reading this blog, but if I don’t write this down I’ll forget my ideas/thoughts.

Timing When is the best time to do functional assessments? Today’s lecturer expressed her opinion that if you are assessing or intervening on a selfcare issue then this should be done [...]

A hard weekends work, and the VQ assessment

I have had a nightmare weekend at work, starting on Friday with the day that just had too much in it, and I was running after clients left right and centre, and not getting much actual work done. And ending with a very frustrating day with a lady who doesn’t talk much, in fact [...]

Early Thought on Practice Placement

So I have completed a my first week (which is actually only two days) on practice placement in acute stroke.

I wasn’t that worried beforehand, partly because I have had a lot of first days before, and with an education placement I guessed that I would spend most of the first week following people [...]

Back to college

Being back at college is almost like I have never been away despite the month I’ve had on holiday, but at the same time it feels like ages ago that I was panicking over essays and assessments.

Talking of assessments, the more this term progresses the more I am convinced that I have failed [...]