Thoughts on the first term

So, first term over, what do I think?

Its been tiring, which I think has been made harder by working at the weekends and having other commitments, like having a life. I’ve been very jealous of the girls from Ireland, who are being supported by their families so don’t need to work and are new to the city so don’t have regular commitments and friends to meet up with.

I’ve also got fat or at least fatter than I was when I started.

I didn’t anticipate the pace of a condensed course, 9-5 Monday to Friday, which meant I needed to do a substantial amount of evening study.

The content of the course has been good, I still don’t feel like I know too much, although I have a good insight into the basic concepts and principles of OT, plus an intro to human skeleton, muscles, joints, central nervous system, hip fractures, strokes and depression. So I guess I’ve learnt more than I think I have.

Problem based learning has been good, although not all the class has thought so. I think it could have been carried out better though, we had many more lectures towards the end of the term than I expected.

Hopes for next term? That placement will be good and not too stressful and also that it doesn’t confuse me too much (i.e.what if the theory doesn’t match up to the practice). That one module rather than three¬† will be a little easier to manage with work and life. That I will begin to feel confident that I know something and that I can work well with clients.

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