OT Class Night Out

So we went to Vittoria on Leith Walk, which was actually surprisingly good, I’m never too sure if Italians are really worth the money after all you can make pasta at home in 15mins. But, I was actually very impressed by the standard of the food and that despite it being a very everyday Italian, it was a very special meal. I had mussels in a fresh tomato sauce, followed by mixed ravioli and  profiteroles for desert. It cost £35 including drinks (one sparkling, 3 glasses of red wine, coffee), which for a Christmas meal (which are designed to rip people off), I didn’t think was too bad.

Afterwards we went to one of the girls flats for a few cheap drinks before we headed into town.

Large work night outs I always feel are slightly odd, lots of people who you may or may not normally socialise with drinking too much and desperately trying to have fun. However, this wasn’t like the normal Christmas night out. So the second surprise after a good meal, was having a good time. Maybe it was communal relieve, that term was finished our work handed in and that no one had financially bankrupted  (so far at least, but with £6600 course fees  per year, plus living expenses and very little time for a job we might see people drop out yet).

So I ate too much, drunk too much, was tarted up to the nines and wearing stupid shoes (my other half was surprised that some shoes aren’t designed to be walked in), I didn’t throw up and I did resist going to the cheesy night club. So a good night basically.

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