Finally Over

Its all finally over, I’ve just had a nightmare week. However, all essays, presentations and viva’s done.

No more getting up in the morning working none stop until the wee hours of next day’s morning and then starting all over again. I’ve actually feeling a little bit lost now the whole thing is over. Not too sure what to do with myself.

I’m sure that I should have learnt something useful from this experience but not sure what…

Viva This was a little bit of a disappointment.I had been so calm and relaxed about the whole thing, the practice had gone really well with scores in the high 70′s. However the morning from start to finish was a bit of a nightmare. In fact it started the during the weekend before the viva. I worked (paid work) all weekend, the weather was hideous, I fell off my bike, rather than going home and preparing, I went to the church carol service and then on to the pub. The morning of the viva I was running late, I broke my bike, and had to drop it into the bike shop, and just made it to Uni in time. The actual 2 hours prep time they gave me went really well and I thought about lots of things I wanted to say. However, when I went up for the five minute viva, it all went out of my head and I talked about nothing, literally nothing. I only just past 52%.

Things to learn for next time, take in your notes, mainly speak about the problems in hand not side problems, use OT and medical language, leave 30 mins at the end of the prep time to read through and practice speaking, get up to the room early, make eye contact with the examiniers.

Practice Context Presentation After the viva, I was wetting myself about this presentation, if things could go badly wrong once, they could go wrong again, and I didn’t want to loose any more marks. I had written the presentation about a week before hand during the study week and talked about the main issues with friends at the various Christmas parties I was at over the weekend. The night before the presentation I re-read my slides, and added comprehensive notes to the bottom which if I got really nervous I knew I could just read. And then practice talking through the slides outloud and timing myself so I knew all the relevant info would fit in.

On the day it went really well. It felt to me as if I was rushing a bit, but I’ve had really good feedback, people said I didn’t look nervous, that I was clear and that it was really interesting. I don’t know my mark yet but our lecturer told us that we have all past, and well find out how well we did in the new year.

Things to learn for next time, it pays to write it in advance and then come back to review the content. Spending a day practising reading and timings is essential.

OT1 Essay I was really nervous about this essay, I knew that to get a good mark then there really needed to be a strong critical argument with a logical flow. However, it was very hard not to be descriptive and just tell a story. You can tell that as the essay progresses I’ve run out of time to do reading and develop argument, the first section I think is very strong, the second section is good, and the last section is based on an idea that I haven’t been able to prove because I’ve run out of time to do the reading to back my idea up. I’m hoping that because this is only in the last section that overall I might be able to get away with it. I’m reasonably confident that I have passed. I just don’t know how well.

Things to learn for next time. This essay probably needed an extra week in order for the last section to be developed fully, and the whole document reviewed and tweaked with a critical eye.

Professional Skills Essay I wrote this essay about 3 or 4 weeks before the deadline, since it was a critical review of decision making and experience, it didn’t need to have a strong argument, or large amounts of theory. Therefore it needed almost not additional reading. I was surprised by helpful I found writing this essay for reviewing my work and practice over the term, looking at how my actions and options affected both me and the people I came into contact with and my feelings towards others. I’m now almost definitely converted to reflective thinking, although I’m not sure the average person has enough time to do it. Maybe I can use the blog to help me along?

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