Back to work blues

30th of December and I’m back to work, came home this evening completely shattered, its only 9.45pm and I’m in bed with the lap top barely able to write a simple post.

Thoughts on the first term

So, first term over, what do I think?

Its been tiring, which I think has been made harder by working at the weekends and having other commitments, like having a life. I’ve been very jealous of the girls from Ireland, who are being supported by their families so don’t need to work and are [...]

OT Class Night Out

So we went to Vittoria on Leith Walk, which was actually surprisingly good, I’m never too sure if Italians are really worth the money after all you can make pasta at home in 15mins. But, I was actually very impressed by the standard of the food and that despite it being a very everyday [...]

Finally Over

Its all finally over, I’ve just had a nightmare week. However, all essays, presentations and viva’s done.

No more getting up in the morning working none stop until the wee hours of next day’s morning and then starting all over again. I’ve actually feeling a little bit lost now the whole thing is over. [...]

Study Week, Day Five :- Finally getting there

Today I left the flat for the first time since tuesday (yes thats more than 2 days inside a 1 bedroom flat). Anyway we finally ran out of milk.

However, I think I’ve cracked the back of the work, but still a good amount of stuff to do so its not going to be [...]

Medical Blogging

Over the last couple of months I’ve been worrying about this blog, and if I should or should use it to reflect on my practice placements when I get around to doing them. There is that whole confidentiality issue, where I’m just not sure how to cope with it. However I was exciting today [...]

Study Week, Day Four :- Finally get some work done

Hi, well its almost one in the morning and I’ve been at my desk since 9.30am, with a break for my evening meal, a quick phone call, and a further break to watch Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

Most of my presentation is now written, it’s lacking the defining critical edge, but I’ll add that next [...]

Study Week, Day Three :- All going slightly wrong

I was sick last night, and have an upset tummy. Generally feeling pretty crap. Didn’t sleep well and have only just got around to studying now at mid day. Bit poor really.

Study Week, Day Two :- Good Start

Well at my desk for before 9.30am, which I’m pleased with. I was aiming for 9 o’clock but didn’t get out of bed until five past. Anyway I have a cup of tea in hand, a pile of papers in front of me so no excuses today.

Chris reminded me as he left that [...]

Study Week, Day One: – No Study yet, but a beautiful hair cut

Met the dreamy Gary at the hairdressers, who lovingly attended to my every wish for 2 hours while he cut my hair. He talked me out of both a bob and a fringe, apparently not too good for curly hair, he didn’t want me to look like a poodle. Instead I have roughly what [...]