Better on film?

Humm, today we did preparation work for our Social Policy and Sociology Presentation. It involved writing a brief presentation and then giving it in front of my class members whilst being videoed. The video was then played back and our performances critiqued by the rest of the class.

I was really surprised by how I presented myself, I always feel very nervous, unstructured, babbling and generally ill prepared but this wasn’t the case. On film, I came across really well, confident, smiley and funny. I am now beginning to understand why people think I’m confident. Its because I must just look confident and sure of myself. Its a complete revelation.

I can remember doing a similar task in my first year undergrad, and had stupid facial expressions and came across and a bit ill prepared and young. Obviously the 10 years that have past have worked in my favour.
This experience has added to my confidence which was boosted last week by a very successful practice viva case study presentation, in which I scored all very goods and one excellent. I’m now feeling quite confident that as long as I get the content right I will be able to succeed in all this terms assessments. Lets just hope pride doesn’t come before a fall.

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