Reflective Thinking

Yesterday I had a revelation about reflective thinking. Up until about 6 o’clock I thought it was very nice but a bit of a waste of time given the pressures which practitioners are under. However, I am amazed by how helpful it has been in the reviewing of my recent OCAIRS interview, it took [...]

Better on film?

Humm, today we did preparation work for our Social Policy and Sociology Presentation. It involved writing a brief presentation and then giving it in front of my class members whilst being videoed. The video was then played back and our performances critiqued by the rest of the class.

I was really surprised by how [...]

Stressed and Tired

Not written for ages, I’m really busy and don’t feel as if I have enough time to do everything I have to do for college. I’m worried that the rest of the class are lots better than me and have already completed most of the work. I also worry that I don’t know enough [...]

New Job

A couple of weeks ago I started a job with a charity that provides support for adults with learning difficulties. I’ve never worked in that environment before so it is really challenging, however I think I’m going to really enjoy it.