Sociology and Public Policy Presentation: Ageism in human service providers

As part of our sociology and Public Policy module I need to give a 15min presentation and lead a 10min question and answer session on a subject of my choice.

So I have chosen ageism, particularly that in human service providers (i.e. health care, social work, anyone providing services to humans). I chose it because I know that despite all the really interesting and valuable experiences I have of working and socialising with older people, in the work place I consider them to be resistant to change and out of date. If I can think like that then surely stereotypical views of older people must be held by the majority of people within Britain today. How much impact does our cultural impact therefore have on our public service provisions, and are older people being discrimated?

As if to confirm this as an issue into today’s Scotsman newspaper the recuitment section had a full page spread on ages discrimination in the work place.

So it should be interesting.

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