Team Leader Experiences

So last tuesday it was my turn to be team leader for our class problem based learning activity. I was wetting myself, and knew that I would have to be really planned and organised in advance in order to remain cool and calm.

I came home and did lots of prep, decided how the day should work, the timetable, the best way to tackle to problem, and the outcomes I was expecting.

The day went well, the most stressful aspect was the computers and getting the work typed up in time. I ended up spending a lot of time away from the group and that ment that I couldn’t help them out or check that they were running on time.

I was grateful that I had left a lot of spare timeĀ  for over-running, which at the end of the day we did need.

The feedback from the group was really helpful, as was the long chat I had with the lecturer afterwards about how I had found the task.

So, now I’m glad that I have got it out of the way and I won’t need to lead again for at least three weeks.

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