Study Week

Well next week is study week for me. I’m really looking forward to it. I have lots to do…

Finish writing up my policy review on the NHS Reform (Scotland) Act 2006 Do reading for Ageism presentation Do reading and start writing for my Case Study essay, which is on Stroke Generally gem up [...]

Sociology and Public Policy Presentation: Ageism in human service providers

As part of our sociology and Public Policy module I need to give a 15min presentation and lead a 10min question and answer session on a subject of my choice.

So I have chosen ageism, particularly that in human service providers (i.e. health care, social work, anyone providing services to humans). I chose it [...]

Feeling more confident and growing panic

So now in week five, and I’m feeling much more confident in my studies. I’m really enjoying the foundational concepts, I understand the major models (or at least I think I do), and we have just started on anatomny and physiology, which is proving very interesting.

However while I’m feeling more confident I am [...]

Dyslexia and my DSA

When I got home today, finally I had a letter from SAAS about my DSA, which has been awarded! (Yippee!)

I had a long chat with two girls of the course about whether they should contact the disabilities office about dyslexia, one had already had a DSA for their undergrad and the second didn’t [...]

First visiting Lecturer

Today we had our first visiting lecturer, who normally works full time in practice! It felt great to actually talk to someone who was working in OT and had lots of real life examples and who could explain truthfully what the job was like, whether models and frame works were or weren’t useful tools, [...]

Course Complaints & the workings of PBL

Last week we had some quite aburpt feedback from one of our lecturers. And today we had a long conversion about whether we should complain.

I don’t think we should, it is the nature of problem based learning (PBL) that we are left to our own for a lot of time. And at the [...]

Team Leader Experiences

So last tuesday it was my turn to be team leader for our class problem based learning activity. I was wetting myself, and knew that I would have to be really planned and organised in advance in order to remain cool and calm.

I came home and did lots of prep, decided how the [...]